Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Room with a View

Ten beds. 
Yup. 10. 
December 14 was the last night we spent at our home in Newton MA. In the short time that followed we've moved and moved and moved. 

2 nights with friends while our house was being packed. 
2 nights in an apartment  in Fajardo before moving on to our boat. 
A few good nights on our boat. 
One memorable night on Bill and Andrea's boat while our boat is stuck on a reef. 
A few nights in the marina
A week in a hotel
A week with friends in Vieques
A week on Endless pleasure
3 weeks in one place
3 weeks in another. 
One bed, 2 beds , 3 beds, 4... We've had it all. 
I think we're ready to settle down again.
I'm ready for a new boat.  


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