Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday

Last week was my birthday. 
I took statistics 101 and realize I'm not the only one born on February 10th, but was still surprised...
The owners of the house we stayed in lived next door to us. They have a little girl who's name is Zaria. We were all excited about having Darya and Zaria under the same roof ;)
Zaria and the kids became good friends. She would come over to play, they would go over... No setting up play dates days in advance, just good old knock on the door and come on in. play out side, play inside... Good times!
If having similar names is not enough, guess when Zaria turned 7? Right! February 10th!
We spend my birthday on the nearby Scrub Island. A tiny private island with a nice resort. We took Their curtesy shuttle and spent the afternoon on the beach then had dinner in one of the restaurants (the one without a dress code ;)
(The view from scrub. That's me jumping off the trampoline ;)

We sat down early for dinner, amazing view and were the only ones in our part of the restaurant. When a steal drummer started his show Oren jokingly said that he closed the place just for us and invited a private show, just for me ;)
I said: 'well I guess he's going to play happy birthday next, right?'
We were both surprised when the very next song he played was happy birthday!!! Turns out the waitress, who celebrated her own birthday the day before, asked him to play this for me ;)
The big surprise of the day was when we came back and were greated by Zaria and her mom, who told us they had a birthday cake waiting for us. We walked in and found this surprise: 

What an amazing gesture!!!
And a perfect ending to a happy day!

I went home to a Facebook page filled with birthday wished from all of you (like!), ready for a new year and the new surprises it holds. 

Glad I have you as my friends! 


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