Friday, March 21, 2014

You say 'Ocho', I say 'Oche'...

Nothing improves your Spanish like two bananas. Or the lack thereof...
Few people speak English in the Dominican Republic (the "DR"). Most don't even care to try. So yesterday I head over to buy some fruit. I manage to ask for Banans, Mango, and an Avocado and 'hold my own' in Spanish. "How many Bananas", the woman asks? "Oche" (supposed to be '8'), I answer with my best Spanish accent. After several attempts, it becomes clear that I am not saying this properly. The woman just keeps asking how much (while twisting her face as if something must be wrong with me). Finally I try "Seis" (6). That works. By then, I have been exposed as a 'Gringo' and am now quoted 180 pesos (probably 40 pesos more than I paid the day before). I hand over a 200 bill and receive no change. I accept the 'Gringo tax' and walk home two Bananas short... But other than the language barrier, the DR is an amazing place unlike no other and deserves a few posts to itself.
Sunset view from our balcony

But anyways... back to Boat. The new Boat. Yes, yes, a new boat! Done deal. Signed and sealed. We are now the proud new owners of a Lagoon 37. She is beautiful (I am not at all biased) and will be even more amazing when we're done upgrading her with a lot of equipment from our previous boat.

Our new Lagoon 37
The plan is to spend a few days at the marina in Boca Chica and get used to the boat. We will then set sail to the east tip of the DR, "La Romana", and spend some time there. It is rumored there are many dolphins around tthat area and we hope to meet a few. From there, we plan to continue east to Puerto Rico where we can finally reunite with great friends that we met along the way, and also reunite with all of our belongings that have been patiently waiting for us for the past few months. It is amazing that we have been living off five bags for nearly three months now. And don't seem to be missing a whole lot (except for decent Lattes).
Room with a view. The view from our new boat
So long. Gotta go pack again.
By next post we will be The Floating Eliases again!



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