Saturday, March 29, 2014

The D tour

About 2 months ago, while on the island of Vieques, I called my parents, like I do ever so often.
Since we left on this journey, most conversations were more about us, and what  we're up to but I always ask what's new on their end, and how they're doing. Turns out it's a good practice... this time, instead of answering with the usual no-news answer, I got a 'you mom will tell you' from my dad (they are always on the line together :)
Long story short, she found out she needed a cardiac valve replacement. We knew right away that this calls for a change of plans. I knew I wanted to be there with her when she goes through the procedure, and was hoping it would go through smoothly and I would be able to go back and continue with our trip. scary.
It took a while before she got a date for the procedure, and so I waited with booking my flight, mainly because our plans kept changing and it was hard to figure out where I'll be flying out of and where am I going to go back to.
About a week before her surgery Oren inspected this boat in the Dominican Republic, and we've decided we've found the one! We have decided to fly out of Tortola into the Dominican Republic, and that I would fly out from there. We didn't know when all the paperwork would be complete, and we would be able to move on board, and we wanted it to be as easy as possible for Oren, so we rented an apartment for 10 days, about 20 minutes away from the marina where the boat was docked. I got to see the boat once before I left for Israel. I had to, I wanted to meet my future home, and I also wanted to take some pictures I can show back home.

The whole trip felt like a dream. and had all the possible emotions cramped into 8 days...
Flying out I had an 8 hour connection in JFK. My original plan was to spent that time in the airport (mainly because the warmest piece of clothes I had was a hoody) but was getting ready to board my flight at the Santo Domingo airport, I've decided I can do better then stay at the airport. at 6 am I texted my uncle who didn't take long to reply. And so, 20 minutes after landing in JFK, I was already sitting in his car, wearing a warm coat he brought me, and headed to pick up his wife and head out for lunch. What an unexpected treat!!! only when we sat down for lunch, and started talking did I realize this was the first time in 3 months I was sitting in a restaurant with no kids. I was overwhelmed when I realized how long it has been. And it felt wonderful!

Arriving home felt great and surreal at the same time. For one thing, everyone speaks Hebrew! My wardrobe consisted of one pair of Oren's Jeans (We left mine stored in Puerto Rico) a few t-shirts and a pair of sneakers. I had to borrow everything from my dear sister...As soon as I got to my parents house I knew I did the right thing coming. There was no way I could have let my mom go into surgery without a hug, and no way I could have been so far away during those long 3.5 hours.
When the doctor finally came out, I could barely hold my tears. EVERY THING IS OK! The good doctor was standing there with good news, so I didn't want to start crying, but I couldn't speak or breath as I felt that if I open my mouth, even to thank him, all the tension of the last weeks will find it's way out... So I had no choice but to silently approach him and kiss his head..... Sorry Doc... couldn't help it...
the procedure went as well as can be expected, and now, 12 days later, I can tell you she's recovering really well! In face she was doing so well, that she refused my offer to spend the night with her in the hospital and sent me 'to go have fun'. yet another unexpected treat which I couldn't say no to. I do think Tel Aviv offers one of the best culinary experiences in the world, not to mention great great coffee!
I would like to take this opportunity and thank all my friends who supported us and kept their fingers crossed. I do believe it helps! 
I'm so glad it ended well, I'm so glad I went, And I am so glad and excited to be back here, and find out what the future holds for the floating Eliases.

Rak Briout!


  1. Dear Darya,
    It's not so much what we do, but who we do it with that counts.
    Leaving everything and being there for your mother is all that counts.
    You did well :-)
    thanks for sharing your story to remind us the right priorities in life.
    Send best wishes to your mum from me.
    Take care