Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rainbow Island

That's what we call this place. Officially know as Tortola, we've seen so many beautiful rainbows here, that we have unofficialy renamed it. God bless the queen, she doesn't have to know. 

Although I am given full artistic freedom when writing these posts, I do get the occasional 'you know what you should write about?' Comments from my DH (Darling Husband). This time, it's been a repeated request to write about 'Rainbow Island'.  Since I'm hoping to have some boat news later on this week, I realize the time has come for the 'Rainbow Island' post. 

When we first arrived on this island we were taken up the mountain by the owner of the house we rented. Turns out that Stany is a policeman, a taxi driver, a vacation rental owner and a management/law student. 
The house, located at the high Belvue naighbourhood overlooks the Roadtown bay. Construction was still visible underway on the outside, but soon after we arrived all we could see was one of the most amazing rainbows ever. 

Since that first rainbow we have seen many others. One more beautiful than the other. My friend Gil says it's a good sign, well, I hope she's right! 

Yup, I think you got it :)
The idea behind the rainbow island post is to post rainbow island pictures ...
Here are some more:

Have you noticed we moved ?
Our new house is located on the west side of the island. In the old house we could see exactly how many cruise ships are docked every day (up to 2 on the dock plus one on anchor) this way we could plan which beach to go to. Places like Cane Garden Bay get real crowded when lots of cruise ships are in town. 
Our favorite beach is located on beef island, attached to Tortola by bridge. An amazing white sand torquise water beach where we are more often than not, all alone!
That is until the 'tourist' invade. It happens and ends so quickly that I don't even have a picture of it. 
The first time it happened Oren was snoozing while the kids and I were playing all alone on our 'private' beach. Al of the sudden, without warning, 3 tour busses arrived, unpacking some 50-60 tourists. Socks on their feet and cameras I their hands they were handed a frozen drink that came out of no where and swarmed our beach. The routine as we later learned was 
1. Say wow. 
2. Take a picture. 
3. Clothes off leaving them in their swim suits (not every one)
4. Jump in the water (Not every one)
5. Take picture of you in the water (everyone. Including those who stayed in jeans)
6. Dry and get dressed
7. Disappear back into the bus. 

The whole thing takes 25 minutes at most. Depending on the tour schedule. 
And so the first time it happened, Oren, who was snoozing alone on the beach, opened his eyes to find himself surrounded, only to blink, open them again a minute later to a once again empty beach, and think he has gone crazy...

As the ritual repeated itself a few times we have learned interesting differences between different groups. 
Unfortunately I can report that German speaking people are not at all ashamed of their body and while other groups simply put their clothes back on their wet swimsuit, a whole group of German speaking people, without coordination, simply took their wet swimsuit off and with limited or no cover, put some dry clothes instead. 
Following is one last picture of rainbow. Use it, as I have, to try and earase the graphic description  from your minds

With the lack of a better place to post them, and due to popular demand (ok, per your request, Tamar) I'm adding some more pictures from this beautiful island, our rainbow island. 



  1. Working on that Em. Working on that...

  2. great pictures and stories! You sound and look happy and the rainbows are amazing. neshikot, Noa