Saturday, March 29, 2014

D Day!

Tomorrow is the big day! we have been leaving on board for a whole week now, without moving.
Well technically we did move, the day the boat was handed over. 
Since our plan was to move on board, and the marina where we bought the boat doesn't allow liveaboards, we had to move next door, to marina Zarpar.
Turns out Marina Zarpar is a cruisers-friendly marina. We got to stay on our boat, meet other cruisers while getting our boat ready for departure and turning it into a home.
After spending the last 3 months leaving out of 5 bags it feels nice to finally settle in and put things in their places.

It took a few shopping trips, to IKEA, Auto Marina, and various home goods and hardware stores, but we finally feel at home! and it feels good!
I'm pretty sure we emptied this store. And it wasn't the only one ...
Breakfast on board 

We (mainly Oren) have spent the week maintaining the engines, solving some issues, replacing oil and filters, and making sure the vessel is ready for our journey.
The plan is to do a 6-8 hour trip east of here to Casa De Campo marina in La-Romana. Since we are new to the boat, we will be taking a local Marinero,
the one who took care of the boat for the previous owner, who will help us with the journey and help us get acquainted with the boat.

Thanks to Safta Noa, Mika and Gur have opened a bracelet factory and have provided us all with matching bracelets, go rainbow power!!!

We'll update from the other side. Gotta get up soon, the policeman who has to sign us off will be here in 5 hours. 

Wish us luck!!!

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