Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More than one way to float...

It's been over a week since we have been separated from our boat. One of the most dramatic weeks ever. Within a few seconds we had to face a new, unexpected twist in our unfolding adventure, and we're now trying to answer the biggest question of all: What's next??
First, some updates about the last few days:
It took several days for the rescue team to tow the boat back to Fajardo, PR, and a couple of days more to haul it out of the water. Oren was with her the whole time, but it took a while before I got to see her. in a word - painful.

I got to her shortly after they have set her down on blocks in the marina's dry dock, and was greeted by the team who worked on striping off the layers of patches they've used to try and close the holes before towing her back to the marina.
one of the workers presented me with a strange souvenir - a used bottle of water he said he got out of the damaged part of the boat. a closer look revealed this...

yes. a live fish. poor guy swam all the way from Culebrita in the bottom of our boat... Crazy.
I later took him back to the ocean, blessed it as best I could and sent him off on his way.

From certain angles, the outside doesn't look so bad, but on the inside, cabinets have been tore out, water  got everywhere, and damage was clear. We had, for example one cabinet full of books that were to be used to 'boat-school' the kids. all were damaged beyond repair. a joint effort is being made now back home to recover some of the books. (Thank you, Savta Noa, Doda Tamar and GilGil).
In the meantime we are pursuing alternative methods of teaching :)

We hanged around the Marina for a few days. The Marina owner, Brooks Prouty, was incredibly helpful, took us under his wings, took care of us, and even helped us store some of our belongings until we figure out what to do next. Once again we were more than lucky to find a true friend! We love you Brooks!

We've retreated to a hotel for a few days. giving us a chance to relax and the kids a chance to run around, swim in the pool and just have fun.

Today we visited the old city of San Juan, and the amazing fortresses built by the Spanish to defend it.

We still have to make one painful trip to the post office in Culebra, to pick up the new trampoline we ordered for the boat... yup. It arrived a day after the accident...
What's next? Endless surprises, I'm sure...
By the end of the week, we will take a ferry to the island of Vieques, where we're going to meet our friends from Boston, John and Vicky.  Original plan was to have them stay on land, and join us for daily cruises, but instead they will take us in with them... We are so looking forward!
We've updated our friends Tim and Stephanie, who were our neighbors back  in the marina in RI. They have a 50' catamaran and are now in the BVI awaiting their first charter customers. They were sweet enough to invite us to stay with them for a week after we leave Vieques, thus buying us yet another week in paradise... you guys are amazing!!!
We don't know how soon we can get answers from the insurance, which will enable us to plan our next steps. Suggestions are welcomed! comment, text us, email or send a dolphin :) we're open to ideas.
With everything we've been preoccupied with we are still sending warm thoughts to all our friends back in the freezing mainland.
 Keep warm!

The 'floating' Eliases


  1. i had to go back and read your last post. I missed that one. Oh what an adventure. So glad you guys are safe and sound. You just never know what curve ball life will throw, part of the thrill.

  2. We are sending our love to you guys, let us know if you need any help from here.

  3. With all my respect and sympathy for your adventure, I think the current team (couple + 3 child 3,5,7) is not enough for a safe coastal cruising.
    In most of the cases only one of the parents will be available for taking care of the boat and the other will be busy with the children. I highly recommend that you add at least one adult team member

  4. Hi Metukim
    Thinking of you all the time . I understand the disappointment to see the boat in such shape after you took such good care of it. Enjoy your time with Vicki and John and send my appreciation too to all the good people you meet, neshikot, Noa

  5. What's the URL for your satellite tracking system?!

  6. http://crazyboattrip.blogspot.com/p/tracker.html should show our tracker. We are manually updating it so not always up to date.

  7. Thinking of You, getting your e mail today make me sad, but please do not give up on your dream trip, Looking forward to see your Journey, I see so much learning that the children got during this experience, how to stay positive and think about the options that you have, how to stay calm during crises, how to think about the good, the support that people are giving you are amazing, just show how much good are in the world. I think You are amazing keep up to make the best of the situation!!!