Monday, May 19, 2014

A few thousand words

Haven't blogged in a while. 
We are finally back in the Virgin Islands, this time from the comfort of our own boat. 
Words can't describe the beauty we're surrounded with, and so this time I've decided to simply let the pictures tell the story....

On the passage from Culebra to St. Thomas we've had the best sailing conditions and were greeted by a pod of Dolphines who escorted our boat for a while. 
We celebrated the Israeli Independence Day. Flew the flag, sang songs and made a traditional Al Ha Esh (BBQ). 
Yes. We took the flag with us, more then 5 months ago, just so we can fly it on our Independence Day :)
On the short way from st thomas to St. John we we hit by a cold front with heavy rain, cold weather and even hail... 
The rain was very heavy that a few hatches started leaking again. Not fun. 
We finally got back together with our friends from endless pleasure who we've missed so much. Good to have you back guys!!
By the time we got to Maho bay we were greeted by an amazing rainbow. A sign that the storm has passed. 
Maho bay is also home for a lot of turtles who pop up ocasionaly to breath and say hi. Every turtle brought a smile to my face. I smiled a lot in Maho bay :)

In Maho bay we also finally got together with Perry, our new buddy boat, a family with 2 kids who are also going down island. I've 'met' Jen through a Facebook  group of families sailing wth kids but it took us a while to get together. The kids are having a blast playing together and so are the adults. 
With Perry we mat Brit who's sailing solo now on his cat. Brit is a surfer/kite surfer and showed us some of his skills in sandy spit. 
One morning Mat from Perry poped out from under our boat with a Conch he found. We waited for it to come out. 
This one was too young to eat, so we throwe it out. But they did treat us to some conch fritters they made with conch they foun earlier in their journey. Delish!

Mika got her first recorder lesson from dad. She did so well! 
Oren and the other big boys got to go diving in sandy spit. 

I'll sign off for now. More stories next time. 
Leaving AT&T Land again so will have limited reception. Not sure when the next update will be. But you can follow our location using the where in the world map on the web version of this blog. 

Stay dry. 



  1. אתכם בכל. אם איזה ''גפילתא'' קופץעל הסיפון, מותר לאכול? ...

  2. Looks like things are really looking up. You are doing it! WOW! Love reading all the stories. Keep them coming.
    Hugs and kisses to all.

  3. Unbelievable! Let me know where you will be in July and you could gave a surprise visitor. Is there a cabin available?