Monday, December 23, 2013

closer to water

Almost there...
Yesterday we finally closer to the water and went on our first dingy ride. the dingy, to those of you who haven't met Arbel in the last 6 months, is "the small boat connected to the big boat that goes zooming fast"
about 3 minutes into our ride, rain arrived and soaked us to the bone... it was still great to get closer to the water. We even found an authentic pirate ship, right around the corner

After the dingy ride we finally sat down to have our first cocktail. No umbrella but a cocktail non the less!!!

We got 'provisions' (cruisers word for went to the store) and put the pressure cooker to good use with a yummy Gulash (that's Hungarian for stew)
Another thing that  came in handy faster then expected was the diving gear... Oren used it yesterday to take the other propeller off, thus making sure he knows how to put them on.

Today we raced against the clock once again, when we had to drive to Bayamon to get the spacer  for the propeller installation. the address was street A... after the GPS got us to avenue A, at 4:53 (they close at 5) we called and begged them to wait for us while we drive to street A... guess what? there are more than 1 Calle A in Bayamon.........
They were however sweet enough to wait for us and we got the part! while on the road we got a call from the marina saying our propellers arrived too, and once again we had to beg for them to leave them for us with the security guy, so we can install them first thing tomorrow morning....

Stay tuned! sooner or later, these Eliases will float!



  1. Safe travels, my friend. And keep posting links to the blog on FB, please!

  2. איזה יופי!!! שמחה שאתם יודעים לחיות בגדול! חיבוקים ונישוקים. ובשביל הפולניות- תשמרו על עצמכם

  3. את מדהימה אחותשלי. תמשיכי לעדכן. אחכ נוציא ספר ;)
    את באמת כותבת מדהים.
    נשיקות לכולכם