Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Xmas present

Just when I thought Jews don't get Xmas presents!

We spent the day in a crazy race to get the boat operational. Installed new Props (underwater), Fueled (yes, we got the boat moving all the way to the fuel dock!), changed engine oil, changed saildrive oil, replaced watermaker filters, cleaned up, and a bunch of other preparations (more on changing propellers with boring technical details most will not care about, in a separate post).

We are planning to sail to a small island named Culebra. It is one of the Spanish virgin islands, off the east coast of Puerto Rico. The only issue is that the prevailing wind around here always comes from the east (Trade Winds) and we need to sail east. And sailing dead into the waves pounds against the boat, which is extremely unpleasant to children and adults alike. Add to that the fact that these past few days had very strong winds and high seas. Fortunately, this afternoon it quieted down and right now seems that tomorrow will be the same. So hopefully it will be smooth sailing (get it?) tomorrow - low waves, some wind but not too much, and good visibility. As always, some rain, but nothing too annoying.

So if the weather gods (and the propeller gods) will agree, we will be on our way tomorrow morning! Just in time, too, since the kids have been going crazy around here!
Oh, BTW, we will be turning on our tracker tomorrow and we added a little widget to the blog that shows where we are.


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