Sunday, December 22, 2013

This is it

This is it.
Flight attendant just announced that we're ready for take off, and the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin.
In fact it already started.
A thought about facebook: not everyone is there. Not everyone who's there really sees everything you write. Some of my friends have no idea what we're up to. This blog is here to help.
If you clicked the link and got this far you must guess that it has something to do with a crazy boat trip. Well that's the plan.
Long story short (we ARE ready for take off)
We are the Elias family. With 3 kids aged 7,5, and 3, we've decided to get off the roller coaster of life, take a time out, and embark on an adventure.
We bought a 36 foot catamaran and plan on sailing it in the Caribbean for 6 months or so.

Longer story will include moving back to Israel after spending 4.5 great years in Boston.

We'll post updates and pictures, and try to share this  adventure with you.

Fair winds,
The floating Eliases

*post originally written on December 17th, but technical issues kept it unpublished. 


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