Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Well, I did promise to teach you a little about sailing, but today I'll contribute to your Hebrew vocabulary...
The Hebrew word תותח (Totach),
Literally translated, a cannon. Used in Hebrew slang to describe man like Oren, who single handed installed the missing prop, replaced its partner, and got us going! All the way to the fuel dock, around the Marina and back to our dock. Clearing the way for the next phase of our adventures! 

In the photos:
Justifying our reputation as coffee snobs, with an onboard, stove top espresso machine

Story time, with the little Prince (toda, Doda Tamar!)
Read the full story on Oren's post

Good night,


  1. Finally I can read your blog, Darya. Got power back at midnight after 72 hours of ice storm, serious snow and -13 Celsius. Slightly chillier than the Caribbeans, how strong your winds may be...
    Do you have any sheep in the Virgin Islands, or will you be forced to draw an elephant within a Boa Constrictor? Just wondering...
    Fair winds, floating Eliases. E uno ristretto, per favore! :-)