Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's all about the people

Robin, from Rafiki, told me once that when they left for the trip, they thought it would be all about the amazing places they were going to see and the beautiful beaches they were going to visit, but to his surprise, the most memorable experiences he'd had were with fellow cruisers.
I couldn't agree more.
Don't get me wrong, We have seen some amazing places, and some great beaches, no doubt about that. But the friendships we found, and the brotherhood (not to mention the sisterhood :) was unlike anything else.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday, again... the first second birthday on the trip ( feel free to re-read this line)
First we went to the post office to pick up some mail. My friend Haim from back home has sent and then resent a package of books for us and it arrived right on my birthday! Haim and Gili, you're the best!

We never know what our birthdays are going to be like and can only hope to be able to celebrate them among friends. This year I feel extra lucky. We have managed to set up a rendezvous with 3 boats who've been with us since Grenada: Rafiki, With Ingrid and Robin, and Kathrine and Alex, 4 coconuts with Toutou and Dave, Maia and Tyler, and the amazing Endless Pleasure with Tim and Stephany, once our next door neighbors up in the Rhode Island marina and now running one of the greatest charter boats in the BVI.
Tim and Steph were kind enough to host the birthday bash (thank guys! and happy birthday Steph! Wish we were there) Ingrid made a domino shaped cake, a tribute to long nights of Rum and Dominos played together, and the kids had a blast playing together in and out of the water.
The official birthday party was also an un-official farewell party for us, as we were getting ready to start our way west towards Puerto Rico and then up to the Bahamas.
In the months we've spent together, sailing along side, on and off, we have become one big happy family. 
Saying goodbye was not easy. We miss you guys!

When we got back to Puerto Rico we had a great reunion with Ciro, Laura and Catalina, and were lucky enough to celebrate with them on Catalina's birthday. Happy Birhday, dear!

The Malatrasis even came to see us further south, when we were Anchored in Ponce! It was so great! 

We also had a surprise reunion in San Juan with our Friends, the Rabinoviches from Boston who were on a cruise which happened to stop in San Juan just when we were there! a nice reminder to how cold it is back home and what a good thing we did to escape :)

In PR we also ran into Fata Morgana, whom we've met in Grenada. These guys have decided to go completely 'off the grid', sold their dinghy, and are now moving around in a kayak. They don't use their engines unless it's an emergency, and if the wind dies, Ivo takes out the kayak and tows the big boat. Talk about being self sufficient!

And so we have realized that from each of our new friends we have learned something.
We sometimes "Do a Kevin" and raise our Anchor by hand, As Kevin from Lucky 7 always did,
When I get on a bus, I now, like Molly always does, greet everyone 'good morning', or 'good afternoon'When we refrain from starting our engines we are "Ivo-ing" and when we are lucky enough to find the right produce, we make our selves a "Salad-de-Toutou"...These things, and others, and the kind spirit is with us, even after saying goodbye.

Winnie the Pooh (A.A Millen) said it right: 'How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.' 

Fair winds my friends!
May we meet again!

Next stop: Bahamas! stay tuned

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