Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Full Circle

I'm writing this post while sitting in our new boat in Fajardo, marina Puerto Del Ray, back at square one, back to where it all began...

We've spent the last couple of weeks slowly making our way along the Puerto Rican coast while making a ton of work on the boat. 
A partial list:
- During the passage from the Dominican Republic one one of the cables keeping the mast from breaking when the main sail is up poped and broke. It had to be replaced in a 3 step plan: take the rest of the cable off, find someone who can make a new cable, and finally install the new cable. Sounds easy when it's not you going up the mast or pulling the father of your children up the same way. 
We kept true to Tim and Stephany's old saying "nothing says I love you more than 3 wraps on the winch" 
Yes. It is scarier than it looks.....
But hey, mission accomplished!

- We ha to take down the Jib (front sale) and get it repaired and the put it back up

- during the vicious passage we realized almost all the hatches leak. We're almost done scraping off the old gaskets and gluing in new ones, guaranteeing dry beds

- endless engine repairs, let's just say that thanks to Oren's skills and resourcefulness (now that's a long word!) our engines now start with a turn of a switch, don't heat up, don't leak water and actually report RPMs and temperature. 
On the upside of having so many issues, I can tell you you learn to appreciate everything that simply works! 

We also used the time to do some major shopping and are finally the proud owners of a new espresso machine and an inflatable standup paddle board. life is good!!!
Of course the minute we inflated the SUP Oren used it to go under the boat for yet another repair

As we were moving along the coast we got to see some beautiful places such as Isla Caja de Muertes where we were all alone, and where we got to see our first Dolphines!!!!
No. Didn't have time to take any pictures. It was either going to get the camera or enjoying the moment... Sorry my friends.
Just before getting back to Fajarfo we've decided to make a short D tour and visit the island of Vieques. Those of you who've been following us might remember we spent 10 days there shortly after the accident with our friends John and Vicky. 
I remember us standing on amazing beaches looking out at catamarans anchored right in front of us and thinking sadly: "that Should have been us..." 
Actually getting there with our new boat made me feel so strong! For me that was a huge triumph and quite a closure. 
We were that boat in the water!
I paddled to shore with Mika and Gur while Oren rode with Arbel on the dinghy. We ended up chatting with a couple of very nice locals while the kids played with their kid. Turns out a year ago they lost their boat right there in Viequese when their chain broke and the boat drifted off off the mooring and on to the rocks in a matter of minutes. Total loss. 
We told them our story and Id like to think our story helped them continue following their dream and getting a new boat. 
         Sun bay in Viequese

When we were here in January I went with John and Vicky to see the Bio luminescence Bay. A unique phenomena which makes the water sparkle when moved at night. We anchored just before a new moon and I realized the bio bay is just around the corner and since the phenomena is caused by tiny creatures who live in these waters we just may be lucky enough to see it from the comfort of our boat. We turned off all the lights used the paddle to move the water and as though tinker bell herself sprinkled some pixie dust,  the water starte to glow. Magic! This was declared Mika's first birthday gift!

Yesterday we got back here. To Marina Puerto Del Ray in fajardo. The place where, back in December, our trip has begun. The place where only 2 weeks later a salvage operation ended with what used to be our boat laying 'on the hard' with a hole the size of the hull torn in her side. 
Yesterday we docked our new boat here and got to load it with all the toys, books clothes, tools and gadgets that waited for us  in storage for 4 months. We got to take some last items off the boat and say a final goodbye. And today, exactly 4 months after the accident, we signed the boat off to its new owner, a local guy who plans to repair it and sail it. Yes. Prairie Dream will sail again. 
Fairwell, dear boat. We finally got our closure and can move on. 

Good night,


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