Saturday, May 23, 2015

Do you own the Del Max?

In an attempt to wave off the writers block I've been facing, I have decided to skip a few pending posts and go for a short updated one. 
Here goes:

When we met Rafiki for Te first time, back in Grenada, Robin told me about paradise island and the Atlantis resort and the crazy water park they host. 
Park enterance fees are high, and could come up to $500 for a family of five. BUT, he said, there's a way around it. If you stay at the crazy fancy Atlantis Marina, you get free access to the park and the amazing aquarium. Well worth it, he said. 
When we first met Rafiki, back in august 2013, we thought our trip was close to its end, ad we had no plans to get to the Bahamas or even go north. 
Or so we thought....
Almost a year later we found ourselves approaching Nassau, Bahamas. 
Never say never :)
Right before we got into the channel (and  et! 
When we checked in they gave us room keys that allowed access to the hotel, the park and the aquarium, and can be used for charges. gloriously  printed on the card we found 
M/V Del Max 
Oh my! 

The park was amazing, crazy water slides, including one that goes through a shark tank (!)
Amazing grounds and pools and lagoons filled with rays, sharks of all kinds, turtles, giagantic groupers, eals and tons of other fish. All displayed in the most amazing way we've ever seen in any aquarium we visited.

Mika braved every slide, and the boys enjoyed tubing and sliding on the smaller slides. 

Now you need to understand, the Atlantis Marine is home for some on the fanciest and craziest mega yachts we've seen. 
This is a typical view of the marina. 

When I went to pay for dinner the first night I gave my card to the cashier. It was a budget dinner, but as part of the complex I could charge it. 
Then to my surprise came what is probably the funniest conversation ever. 

Guy looking at the card: Are you guys staying on the Del Max?
(THE Del Max, i like the sound of it!)
Me: yes we are
Guy: do you OWN the Del Max?
Me(smiling) : yes we do. 
(Now all he sees out of the window all day are these crazy yachts, and here we are... Dressed like, well cruisers...I think I know what he's thinking)
Guy (daring to go ahead and ask everything he was ever curious about): may I ask what you do for a living? 
Me (smiling shily): well, at the moment, we're sailing The Del Max (told you I like the sound of it)
Guy (looking impressed and puzzled): may I ask, how much does the fuel cost for such a boat? 
Me: well, sir, The Del Max is a sail boat. And the wind... It is free. 
Guy (Full of hope for the future): I hope you have a wonderful stay here on paradise island. 
Oh yes we did ! 

The following day was renamed Mother's Day. Since we missed the original Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago, we (or Oren) have decided to designate the fun filled day as mine. Fun!!
I got cards from the kids and an early cocktail, a fun packed day and a fancy dinner (with leftovers to feed us a couple of days more)
An awesome day spent with my loved ones, who made me a mother. Bliss!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there. 

From the bridge of The Del Max,
This is first mate Darya signing off

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