Monday, September 29, 2014


After Johan and Vicky left we headed straight down to Grenada.
All our friends were already there, Endless Pleaseure and Perry who have been there for over a month and Lucky 7 and Bendecida who got there 10 days earlier.
They all told us how great it was in Camp
For us Grenada was the promised land. Safely south enough to be out of the Huricane zone it became the final destination of the season for oh so manny cruisers and was planned to be our final destination of the trip. We arrived the day before Gur's birthday, on august 13th and when we saw the coastline clearing in front of us we all felt excited like never before in the trip. WE Made it! We though and took pictures of our promised land. 

When we were close enough to the enchorage of st. George we radioed our friends on Bendecida we invited us over to celebrate the reunion. 
Perry were kind enough to offer to host Gur's birthday party the next evening were we were to reunite with all four boats. We were loving Grenada!
That night we fell asleep happy until at 4:30 Arbel woke us for a water refill. I went to check on him and saw our boat door open. Our boat is always closed at night with a padlock holding it closed and yet the boat was open. I instinctively calle Oren and first checked that the kids were safe. 
It was clear that we were boarded. Someone has been inside our home. The question was what did he take with him...
We found a laptop and our iPhones were missing. Oren recalled hearing something and looking out the window to see a local fishing boat rowing away with 2 men inside. He thought it strange that fishermen were not using their engines but was really worried about our anchor dragging and went to sleep once he was sure we state at the same spot. 
2 hours later we joined the cruisers net, a daily VHF transmission where cruisers update each other on daily events. 
We learned that 4 boats were boarded that same night. All had electronics stolen from them. 
Needless to say we felt violated and our initial happiness of finally arriving to grenada turned into a suspicious anger. 
Our day was spent with the coast guard and police investigators but before that we had a kid who just turned 6!!!!
Gur got his gifts in the morning and in the afternoon in a historic reunion we celebrated with Perry Bendecida, Lucky 7 and endless pleasure!!!! It was a gret ending to an otherwise bad day. 
I love you my sweet Gur!

Thank you so much Perry for hosting! 
This was birthday number 3 we celebrated with Bendecida and Lucky 7!

By the way. Till this day we still didn't get the police report.

Stay safe, lock your doors, and keep your radio on...


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