Monday, September 29, 2014

I AM the BLOG!

Hello hello,
I have a great back log (or back blog...) of posts I've been meaning to write and didn't.
I think the next post will explain why (teaser, yes, why not). Turns out that I do find the chronological order of events important so I'll start from where we left off.

Back to August,
Remember John and Vicky? our friends from Boston who came to visit us in Viequese in January. The original plan back then  was to have them stay on land and we were to pick them out on 'daily charters' taking them around. We didn't plan on wracking our boat, and ended up staying with them on land. It was still a lot of fun.
Well John and Vicky did it again! they have decided to come meet us again in the beginning of August, and we've set the destination at Union Island. Union Island is one of the Grenadines of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and a good base for visits to other small islands in the area.
We were real excited to have our first guests (except for The Malatrasis of course). The plan was for them to stay in a nice place on land, and for us to meet them each morning and sail around. same plan as in January, only this time we actually had a floating boat! never underestimate that!

The reunion was great! the kids and us were really happy to see them again.
John, who used to work with Oren, told us people back home kept asking him if he reads this blog, his negative answer was followed by a statement "I don't need to read the blog, I come here to see with my own eyes! I AM the blog!!!" well, for a week there, you were right!
John "I AM the blog" 

Vicky Getting a ride to the beach

We had a great time with them, and tried to show them as much of the Grenadines as we could. it rained almost every day, but we got enough sun shine and great weather too.
Part of the itenerary was a trip to the Tobago keys where John and I got to snorkel with a lot of turtles. Such a great experience!

John went in the water before it did and the rough weather prevented me from finding him (it was pouring rain and there were high waves). But I really wanted a picture with a turtle... So there. I give you my dirt ever selfy with a turtle ;)

John and Vicky  have been engaged for almost 3 years, and we talked a lot about actually tying the knot, and were very very very very happy and excited to hear that a month later the have spontaneously went ahead and did it!! Mazal Tov!!

Gur's birthday was teo days after they were supposed to leave and not to miss it, they have decided to take us out to dinner and celebrate an early birthday.
Birthday boy was happy as they get, with Pizza and cake you just can't go wrong :)
Happy early birthday my child!


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