Monday, September 29, 2014

Dod Yuval!

Dod is hebrew for uncle. there you go. who said you don't learn new things every day...
Dod Yuval is Oren's brother, who lives in Haifa, Israel. On one of their phone calls, Oren asked Yuval if there's any chance he'll hop a flight and come visit us down in Grenada. Knowing we're going to be in Grenada for a while we've said that to a few people before, but Yuval was the first one to say, 'why not?'...
And so it was! Dod Yuval came down all the way from Israel to visit us for a whole week! he was only liveaboard guest so far, and we have prepared the boat for him, shifting kids around and hoping he will feel comfortable in our little home.
The kids were so excited towards his visit and kept counting the days to his arrival.
When he arrived we were still anchored in Prickly Bay, and had plans to show him all there is to see on the island.
One of the gifts he brought with him was a floating Origami book, the very next morning we tried building a catamaran and yes! it floated!

Most cruisers take a tour of the island upon arrival, but we waited with us for Yuval and 2 days after he got here took a grand tour of the island, getting to see all parts of the island, waterfalls, a rum factory, the chocolate farm, a spice farm and rest of this beautiful island.

The next day we sailed the boat up to St, Georges anchorage and visited the busy city. Yuval has been taking sailing lessons lately and was put to work raising sails and helping our with the boat.

The next day we went to Grenada's underwater sculpture park,  spotted with submerged sculptured about 15feet under the water you snorkel around looking for the surprising sculptures. we really liked it!
The only picture I took before my battery died...
Yuval's visit went by so quickly and it was time to head back to our anchorage in Prickly bay where he was to take off for his flight the next day. on the way back we tried fishing and this time got a big Baracuda! in this side of the world you can actually eat the baracuda, and it was turned into a great curry dinner!

By catching and eating the fish we have offered Yuval our entire repertuare and he was ready to get back to civilization, packed with a lot of suveniers and good memories from his visit in Grenada.
Mika summed the visit up nicely  in her journal (in Hebrew...)

Thank you for coming Yuval! it was fun!


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