Sunday, January 19, 2014

One month later

It's hard to believe it's been a month since we left freezing Boston behind. Some days it feels like we left yesterday and on others it feels like months have gone by. 
We just left the island of Vieques where we enjoyed the homy company of our friends John and Vicki. 
We shared a nice house where we could finally cook our own meals, brew our own coffee and mix our PiƱa Coladas. 
The island has endless beaches, one more spectacular then the other and we spent our days enjoying the sun, the sand and the clear blue water. 

Having so many beaches and not as many tourists allowed us to enjoy these beaches almost exclusively on our own. 
The kids really enjoyed the extra attention of 2 more grown ups and took full advantage of John's tickling frantic, and Vicki's collection of imported bed time stories. 
Oren took advantage of the extra support and headed back to Boston for a meetingfor 3 days. 
He has been constantly trying to figure out the next step for us, searching for boat alternatives all over the Caribbean. And No. Still ok word from the insurance, so we're still in the dark concerning our budget. 

(Vegan friends. Sorry. Please skip over this next paragraph)
Turns out having the company of two naturally born New Englanders had culinary advantages too :)
One day we came across two fisherman selling live lobsters and fish they just caught. Oren and I weren happy enough to grill the fish but were about to pass on the lobsters. John and Vicki on the other hand happily shoved them into the cooler and eagerly drove home. 
With only a small pot in sight the biggest of the lobsters put up a fight that would have left him strolling out of the kitchen against any other cook. Unfortunately for him he was up agains miss Vicki. With all of us running for shelter, she used two tools to control and tame it until at last he gave up. His friends who witnessed it all practically jumped in to the pot willingly. 
What a feast that was! 

(Welcome back vegans it's a perfect world again)
The island of Vieques has a huge population of wild horses running free every where. When they don't go through your garbage bins and send them rolling all down the street they make for some wonderful photo ops. 
The island also has the world's largest bio luminescence bay. A spectacular sight i got to enjoy in a pedal boat. 
Once the moon was out it wasn't as great but until then it was quite the sight. 
You can only see it after dark so oren covered for me as it was too late for the kids. 

Another unexpected obstacle was our laptop who died on us suddenly leaving us only to the mercy of the I-devices. Yes. This post was thumb-typed on my phone. Of course it also means we have no access to the oh so much better photos patiently awaiting on my camera...
Thank god for iphone!

By the time I finished posting we've just landed on the island of St Thomas where we are to join our friends Tim and Stephaney on board their catamaran. 

What's next? We haven't written the next chapter just yet.. Stay tuned!

And hey,

- Darya 

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  1. Arbeliii!!!!!! His face says it all! Please send him my love! Today Laura and I reminisced about the fun days when he would bring Boo-Jana to school! Neshikot from a very stormy Boston!