Thursday, January 30, 2014

Endless Pleasure

What a week!!
Our last post ended with us landing in the Island of st. Thomas. It didn't get as far as the warm welcome we got, just before leaving the terminal, with a complimentary rum sampling. A nice start ;)
A short taxi ride brought us to Red Hook, where,  by the dingy dock, we were supposed to meet Tim. 
There we were once again, with our pile of bags, ready for another week of adventures, only this time, afloat!

Tim and Stephany bought the catamaran Endless Pleasure who docked next to us in the marina in Rhode Island. Side by side we worked on getting our boats ready for the long journey, and a friendship was born. Their plan: to charter their boat (a 51' privilege, a beauty ) to groups on a weekly basis. our plan: to float. 'Yes please' was the only answer we could think of when they so generously invited us to spend a week onboard. 
The plan was to go out for short day sails so that Tim would be able to make it to his classes in the evenings. We spent the first day provisioning and exploring the area, and even Kayaked to the nearby shore. The cat is equipped with 2 kayaks, a paddle board, floating beds and other toys which make the stay even more fun. 
Our goal was to try them all :) mission accomplished!

Words can not describe how good they made us feel. From the second we came onboard they made us feel welcomed and at home. A real bond was formed with the kids, Mika finally found a soul mate, a grown up who actually knows Katy Perry and can sing along with her, and by the time we arrived to our last Marina in Totola, Gur has officially adopted Tim as a big brother. 
Not to mention their encouragement and support of our on going boat search. 
We miss you already, and look forward to meeting again soon!!

And now?
We have rented a house on the island of Tortola and will stay here for the next three weeks.  We will relax, explore, and continue hunting for a new boat. 
Turns out now is the worst season to shop for catamarans in the Caribbean as they are all busy. No one is selling, everyone is sailing...
Yesterday, we took a ferry to the nearby island of virgin Gorda to look at a potential boat and explore the famous baths. 
A beach covered with giant boulders and a challenging path going threw them which leads to an amazing bay. 
Every island is different, and every beach is different, and us? We are trying to see them all ;)

What's next? 
As always, with us, we'll have to wait and see. 

Stay warm,
And hug your mom,
*Yom Em Sameach Mami!
(Happy Mother's Day)


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  1. Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come through, and may the beaches of the world never end. Love and kisses from Gili and from me. Stay Safe and stay happy