Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I am sitting in the quiet saloon of our boat, a stone-throw from the beautiful beach of the island of Bequia (pronounced back-way). Everyone already went to bed, and I should probably do the same, as tomorrow we plan to head out very early, towards the island of St. Lucia.
When we first got to Bequia, on the day of Oren's birthday, over four months ago, I had no idea we would ever be back here. And yet here we are again, this time heading north. Up island as Steph would say.
Weren't you supposed to be home by now?! is a very common questions these days...
Well, we were...
The original plan (well, perhaps I should say, the last plan) was to head south to Grenada, spend a month or so there, and then sell the boat and head back home. But as we finally got to Grenada, and spent more and more time with other cruisers and cruising families, we realized we still haven't had enough.
Going back home, or to reality, as some of our realistic friends call it, means going back to the endless rat-race. We realize it and we accept it. But we're just not ready yet...
And so instead of selling the boat and going back home, We have decided to extend our trip, turn around and head north, towards the Bahamas.
You see, so many cruisers we've mat told us the Bahamas were the most spectacular part of their trip, that we just have to see it with our own eyes... so we've waited for the Hurricane season to end, took the time to paint the bottom of the boat and do some other 'boat projects' and when the time was right, lifted our sails and headed back north.
I just realized that although we've figured out our new plan a few good weeks ago, I haven't had the chance to update you personally. sorry...

And so This year, as the holiday of thanksgiving is just about to start, I find it easy to be thankful:
Thankful for my amazing family. Spending such a long time together in such a small space takes some special people, tall or short. I am thankful for having such great companions for this trip!

Thankful for our family and friends, patiently waiting back home, sometimes baffled by our current way of life, but constantly supportive. We love you all!

Thankful for the amazing new friends we have made along the way, giving this experience another dimension, one of a strong, supporting community (more about the community in the next post)

And finally, thankful for you. if you're reading this you probably belong to one of the above :) and yet knowing you're reading our stories, makes us feel that in a way, you're taking this journey with us.

I want to take a minute and wish 4 happy birthday wishes: first to Oren's dad, Saba Ezra, who celebrated 70 today!
To my beloved brothers, Eyal and Erez who celebrate this week!
And finally to our friend Vicky who invited us to our first ever thanksgiving dinner, six long years ago.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

(you didn't really think I'll only post 1 picture did you?! here goes:)

Gur swimming to shore from the boat
My back yard yesterday
Mika at the turtle sanctuary
School time on Del-Max
Who said Lego are the only Legos?
(Thanks again for the extra pins, Molly)


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