Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Arbel!!!

October 13th was Arbel's birthday. My sweet baby boy just turned 4 and is definitely not a baby anymore!
His birthday was to be celebrated while our boat was 'on the hard', that means the boat is out of the water, in the boat yard while we lived for 2 weeks in an apartment we rented not far from the yard. Being away from the bay and the water for so long, made planning a birthday party somewhat of a complicated task, but yet again, the day was saved by fellow cruisers. It turned out that Helena from our Brazilian friend boat Matilda was celebrating her birthday 2 days before Arbel, and her mother, the much-more-organized Regina, already had almost everything arranged for a party on the 12th. As we shared the same guest list, Helena was kind enough to share the day with Arbel and thus we had a double birthday party.
The chosen venue was the lance aux Epine beach, where everyone can just land their dingy and join the party.
Friends from about 10 boats showed up for the party, and grown ups and adults alike had a blast!
I was so grateful to be able to celebrate yet another birthday so far away from home, and yet feel so surrounded by loving friends, that it made it feel just like home.

Happy birthday dear boy! you amaze me every single day!


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