Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Mika

A short post about one big girl :)
Tuesday was Mika's 8th birthday, the second birthday we're celebrating on this trip. 
The excitement was building up with a very serious countdown that has been going on for a little over a month. 

Those who know her know how lucky we are. She's the sweetest, happiest, most cheerful and optimistic person I've ever known. And she's my daughter!
Her smile lights up my day, every day. 
A day before her birthday her brothers were busy preparing their cards. 
Gur made her a flower and Arbel made her a card. Remember he's 3.5. And made this card ALL by himself including signing his name. I was impressed! 
Mika was hoping we can invite Ciro's daughter, Katalina, to celebrate her birthday with us. 
As you remember, Katalina and her mom Laura came to meet us when we arrived in Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic. A journey Ciro helped us with. We spent a nice day at the beach then and there was a great connection between the two families, adults and kids alike. When they heard it was Mika's birthday they invited us over for dinner. We happily accepted, and so, just like the first birthday on this journey, Mika's birthday was celebrated amongst friends. Such a heart warming experience! It made us, but more importantly Mika, very very happy. Thank you Malatrasi's! We love you!
They got the cake! All we had to do was add candles
Katalina naturally took the role of an older sister
Birthday amongst friends, can't beat that

Today we got to spend one last day with them, rode the dinghy to shore and had fun trying out their little Sun Fish (Oren did)
Ciro guiding Oren before sending him off alone into the strong wind. 

Later on we tried fishing from our boat, and Katalina even cought what we think was a huge Remora before he managed to get away, taking our bate with him...

If the weather is in our favor, we will leave to Culebra tomorrow (we are now anchored off off the little island of Isleta )
We will miss you Malatrasi's! But with our low budget production, I'm sure we'll meet again!!

BTW, we got our tracker back! You can check out our location again at 
Or on the web version of this blog. 

May we always celevrate amongst friends!

Happy birthday Mika!

אוהבת אותך עד הירח ובחזרה


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