Saturday, December 20, 2014

1 Year anniversary!

Yesterday, when I finally found a good wifi connection, I got a message from a friend back in Israel.
She wanted to catch up, and was wondering how was life in Boston...
So much has happened during this year, and yet my reply was: " We've left Boston a year ago yesterday, and have been sailing the Caribbean ever since, a bit of a bumpy start (hit a reef, lost our boat) but now everything is great"
That's it. our year in a nutshell.
it was exactly 3 days and one year ago when we said our last goodbyes to GilGil, and wearing Crocs and socks got into a taxi in 20 degrees F. ready to fly out to San Juan, board our boat and start the adventure of a life time. One year and 3 days later, the adventure is still here.

Kids at the Boston airport, December 2013
Same kids, one year later, December 2014
Mika lost 5 teeth and grew new ones, Gur learned to read and write in Hebrew and English, and Arbel started the trip with night diapers, which now looks like a light years away...
And they're all about four inch taller...

A short post it is, but deserved an entry of its own.
Happy 1st birthday Crazy Boat Trip!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!

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